Crochet Braids Kunsthaar Braids Sensationnel Jamaican Bounce 26“ (65 cm), 8 Stk


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Type of hair: 100% Kanekalon & Toyokalon Fibre

Length: 26”
Weight/pack: 60g
Packs used for full head: minimum 4 packs
Suitable for crochet and tree braiding
Quality SYN Kanekalon fibre
Easy separating
Versatile installation methods
Available in classic colours and a selection of vibrant shades
Braiding styles include the Jumbo Braid, Reggae Braid, Afro Kinky Bulk and Jamaican Locks
The Afro Kinky Weaving style is ideal for weaving or bonding
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Super soft texture
Braids are hot water set
Tangle-free fibres

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